« UNHHH… NGGFFF… UH ! Brian… NGGFFF… Ah fuck ! Brian ! Fuck ! » Brian felt his own orgasm approaching and knew that he couldn't hold off. « Here it comes Suzy ! I'm gonna fill you up ! » Suzy's orgasm was just starting to fade as Brian started to blast his load into her pussy. She was in such a daze that it barely registered and her eyes were once again closed. Barbara and Suzy were given zero recovery time. As soon as Colin and Brian each pulled out of them they were immediately replaced. Barbara was barely able to catch her breath when Eric jumped on her. She looked down between her legs and got a glance at his dick just as he was sticking it in her. « Jesus Eric. That's a really fat… AHHHH… oh Eric… shit you Tucker boys sure can fuck. » She wrapped her arms around him and held on tight as her pussy got pounded again. Next to them Derek had mounted his mom and was fucking Suzy for all he was worth. She was in a sexual fog and limply held her arms around his neck while he slammed into her. « Unh… fuck mommy baby… mmm… ahhh… yes baby. » Suzy had no idea how long her son fucked her because of her dick drunk status. But when she started to come back to reality, she noticed that Eric, Colin and Brian were all laying on the blanket on the floor and that her other son Paul was now fucking Barbara. Derek was still pounding into Suzy when he announced that he was going to cum. « That's it baby. Shoot it all into mommy sweetie. » At the same time her other son was unloading into Barbara. Soon both boys were collapsed on top of the completely exhausted women. After everyone took several minutes to recover, Barbara and Suzy got on the floor and went down to their knees. The boys surrounded them and they took turns sucking their big cocks, trying to get them all hard again for the next round. Barbara eventually had two of the boys, Brian and Derek, lay down so that she and Suzy could suck them while on all fours. While Suzy sucked away on her son Derek's fat cock, Barbara regarded the other three. « Ok you three. Who wants to eat our asses ? » Paul and Colin were the closest and Paul went and knelt behind his mother while Colin got behind Barbara. They each excitedly started to eat the gorgeous asses in front of them while Suzy and Barbara sucked on their sons' pricks. The moms had their sons at full mast in no time. Barbara looked back and Colin and instructed him to grab some lubricant and « grease us up. » He grabbed a tube of the lube and generously applied some to her asshole and then handed it to Paul who did the same to Suzy. Barbara then told Paul to give her the lube and she slathered it all over her son's dick and tossed the tube over to Suzy. She then moved up onto Brian and squatted on her feet over his cock, which she took in her hand and aimed at her butthole. She then slowly eased herself down on his dick until he bottomed out inside of her ass. « Oh baby… goddamn that's a big cock Brian. » « Mom, your ass is so nice and tight ! » « Let me get used to this baby and then I'll really make you feel good. » Suzy had moved up onto the couch and sat back with her legs pulled up and ass hanging off the end. Paul didn't need to be told what to do. He knelt in front of her and lubed up his dick and then started to push it into his mother's asshole. « Mmmmm… Paul go easy… you boys are all so nice and big… mmmm… AH !… slow… slowly baby go slow… » Soon Barbara was rising and falling on top of Brian's cock and Paul was slowly pumping in and out of Suzy's ass. Derek, Colin, and Eric all lubed up there cocks and waited for their turns to fuck Barbara and Suzy's asses. Meanwhile, Cheryl and Connie were in the basement bedroom with an incredibly excited and nervous Steve. The bedroom in the basement had a queen sized bed and it's own bathroom, and the three of them were standing before the bed. Connie and Cheryl both surrounded Steve and began to kiss him. While one made out with him the other would kiss his neck and suck and tongue one his ears. The ladies were running their hands all over him while he just nervously kept his hands on their naked waists. Connie reached down and grabbed his hand and moved it to her ass while saying, 'Come on Steve. Quit being so shy. We're both a sure thing. We're gonna say yes to everything. «   “Oh my god, ”  said Steve.   “Dream come true, huh kid, ”  said Cheryl. Cheryl then roughly pushed him on the bed. He was on his back, propped up on his elbows taking in the sight of his friends' beautiful mothers. The sisters remained standing in front of the bed and Cheryl started to sway and dance like a stripper and Connie followed her lead. They ran their hands all over their bodies as they smiled and regarded the incredibly excited teenage boy on the bed.   “Look at that beautiful boy, ”  said Cheryl.   “The poor thing is so nervous.”   “He's so cute and innocent looking. This is going to be so much fun, ”  replied Connie.   “He has no idea how much sex he's about to have.”   “Lots and lots of sex. With two hot sisters no less, ”  said Connie as she bent her knees and swayed her hips, running her hands over her ass and thighs.   “So much sex, ”  said Cheryl as she undid her bikini top and let it fall to the floor. Connie turned around and slowly pushed her bikini bottoms down exposing her ass. She stepped out of them and bent back over and spread her cheeks, exposing her gorgeous, smooth, brown butthole to Steve.   “And he's gonna fuck all of our holes too, ”  she said.   “He's gonna fuck our mouths, our pussies, and our asses.”   “And then he's gonna do it all over again, and again, and again. We might never leave this room, ”  said Cheryl. Steve felt like he must be dreaming, as the two beautiful, blonde, short haired MILFs swayed and danced for him, telling him everything that he was going to do to them. He was so turned on he started to lose focus until Cheryl snapped him out of it.   “Steve ! What the fuck are you doing ? Take your damn swim trunks off so that we can get this fuckfest started.”   “Uh, sorry ? Uh… yeah, ”  he said as he awkwardly removed his shorts. While he did this the sisters removed the rest of their bikinis and stood there looking at the excited and also terrified boy, who was now naked and sporting a massive erection.   “Oh my. Look at his beautiful cock, ”  said Connie.   “It's gorgeous ! I can't wait to get it inside me, ”  said Cheryl.   “Steve, ”  said Connie.   “We're gonna climb up there and have lots and lots of sex with you now. But what about our high heels ? Do you want us completely naked or should we leave these on ? ”   “Uh… leave them on please. You both always look so hot in those.”   “Oh, that's so sweet Steve, ”  said Cheryl. Cheryl and Connie were now naked except for their high heeled sandals as they continued to sway and rub themselves. They were both loving all of the teasing and being extreme sexual aggressors. They looked at each other and smiled.   “Ready sis ? ”   “Oh yeah ! ”   “All right, let's go fuck this adorable, innocent boy.”  They slowly crawled onto the bed and made their way to Steve's cock. They both were on either side of him and ran their tongues up and down the sides of his shaft. Steve stayed propped up on his elbows, looking down and barely believing what he was seeing. Connie then placed her mouth on Steve's dick and started to blow him while her sister spread his legs and began to lick and suck on his balls.   “Oh my god, ”  Steve cried out as he let himself fall back on the bed and closed his eyes, enjoying the incredible sensation of the two hottest MILFs in town working his dick and balls with their warm, wet mouths. Connie was working up a tremendous amount of saliva and the room filled with the wet sucking sound of her mouth going up and down on Steve's big cock. Cheryl moved up and replaced Connie and started to suck him while Connie went down to focus on his balls. They rotated like this a few times when they felt Steve start to tense up. Connie was sucking his dick at this point.   “Oh shit ! Oh fuck I'm gonna handjobgifs… AHHH, ”  he cried out just as he started to blast off into Connie's mouth. She struggled to swallow it.   “MMMPHHH ! ”   “What the hell Steve ! Are you cumming ? You're supposed to fuck us dammit, ”  said Cheryl as she grabbed his prick and pulled it of her sister's mouth and replaced it with her own, swallowing the rest of his jizz as he continued to spurt. Connie swallowed what was left in her mouth and then addressed Steve,   “Dammit Steve ! Why did you cum so soon ? You're not supposed to blow your load until after you've fucked us ! ”   “Ahhh… I'm sorry. I mean, you can't expect a guy to last from that. I can stay hard though I promise ! ”  Cheryl pulled her mouth off of his prick and they both stroked it while giving knowing smiles to each other. They were both having so much fun teasing and torturing the poor kid.   “And we weren't even done sucking his cock, ”  said Cheryl.   “I really wanted to suck it for a lot longer. What should we do with him sis ? Kick him out ? ”   “No ! Please no, ”  pleaded Steve.   “Look, I'm still hard ! We can keep going ! ”   “He definitely deserves to be kicked out, ”  said Connie.   “Our wet pussies and tight asses aren't gonna fuck themselves. But… let's just punish him some other way.”   “What are you thinking sis ? ”   “Let's smother his face with pussy and ass. That'll teach him.”   “Ooooh… I like that idea, ”  said Cheryl.   “I'm gonna go first ! ”   “Go for it sis ! I'll keep working on this cock, ”  said Connie as she went back to sucking Steve's dick. For a minute there Steve was afraid he had blown his chance along with his load. But he wasn't this dumb. He now realized that they were having a lot of fun at his expense and went back to feeling like the luckiest SOB in the world. Cheryl moved up and kissed him and then lifted her head and looked down at him.   “Having fun kid ? ”   “Oh man Cheryl, I keep worrying that I'm in a dream and that I'm gonna wake up cumshotgifs.”   “Steve, you are so damn adorable. I promise that the wet pussy that's about to sit on your face is no dream sweetie, ”  she said as she climbed up on his head and sat her crotch down on him. He concentrated hard on eating her out as he ran his hands up and down her fantastic body.   “Oh my Steve, your mommy taught you well ! Mmmmmm that feels good sweetie.”  Cheryl then leaned back and put her hands down on the bed and pushed her butt up on Steve's face.   “Don't forget to eat my ass Steve. This is punishment remember ? Now eat it good.”   “Mhm… mmmm… ”  Steve tried to focus on eating her gorgeous ass, if anything just to take his mind off of the amazing job Connie's mouth was doing on his cock. Connie spat out Steve's big dick and said,   “All right sis. It's my turn to punish this little shit for cumming too soon.”   “Don't go easy on him, ”  said Cheryl as she slid off of his face.   “Yes ! Please don't go easy on me ! Punish me, ”  Steve cried out. The three were all laughing at this point as they got into position. Connie mounted him in a sixtynine and leaned down to help her sister work his dick. Steve tried to eat her but it was all in vain as she slid her extremely wet pussy up and down his entire face.   “Take that you little premature ejaculator ! That'll teach you to cum too soon, ”  she giggled. Cheryl stopped sucking his dick because she was laughing too hard, and for the next two minutes the sisters got the giggles and could do nothing but laugh as Steve struggled to breathe.   “Ok, I think that's enough, ”  said Cheryl once she finally stopped laughing. Connie rolled off to the side and they both climbed up and laid down on either side of Steve.   “Still having fun kid ? ”   “Oh my god yes ! Connie just waterboarded me with her pussy and I loved it ! ”  Connie and Cheryl busted out laughing as they both jumped on top of Steve and showered him with kisses.   “Ok, I'm first, ”  said Cheryl as she flipped over onto her back and spread her legs and held her arms out to Steve,   “All right stud, get in here.”  Steve quickly got on top of her and Cheryl grabbed his dick and helped to guide him into her. He started to thrust away and Cheryl immediately began to moan.   “Ahhh… there's the dick I needed today ! Ooooh yeah that's it Steve ! ”  Steve couldn't believe that he was finally fucking one of the Tucker sisters, while the other one was in the same bed waiting for her turn. He once again started to worry that it was all a dream as he felt her wrap her gorgeous smooth legs around him. It was all even better than any of his fantasies about the sisters.   “Holy shit… I can't believe I'm banging a Tucker sister ! This is so awesome ! Oh shit this feels so good ! So feel so good Cheryl ! ”   “I'm glad you're having fun Steve ! Ahhh… your cock feels so good in my wet pussy ! Fuck me harder Steve ! ”  Connie laid next to them and kissed Steve's shoulder and rubbed his back and buttocks. It was almost too much for him and he was worried he was going to cum again. Thankfully Cheryl popped off and he was able to focus on her orgasm. When she finally went prone on the bed Connie spoke up as she laid down on her back.   “All right Steve, it's my turn you gorgeous stud ! Come here and get inside me kid ! ”  Steve pulled out of Cheryl's pussy and slowly crawled between Connie's legs, biding time to help his ultra sensitive cock calm down a little. He mounted her and she took hold of his dick and eased it into her pussy and away they went. It wasn't long before Connie was writhing beneath him and wrapping her arms and legs around his body to pull him farther into her as she grinded and came. He managed to keep a steady thrusting pace as he fucked her through her orgasm. She mouthed his neck during the whole thing, which he just loved.   “Oh Steve, keep pumping me with that wonderful cock ! I just love getting fucked after I cum ! ”   “Shit this is so good ! I can't believe how wet your pussy is Connie ! ”   “She's had enough Steve. Now get back inside of me again, ”  said Cheryl, who was still laying on her back with her legs spread. Steve moved out from between Connie's legs and once again got on top of her sister and started to plow into her. She was holding her legs in the air and at one point her high heeled sandals flew right off of her feet.   “What a stud, ”  yelled Connie.   “He's fucking you so good he just knocked your shœs off ! ”   “He's doing fantastic, ”  yelled Cheryl as she orgasmed again. deepthroatgifs  “Oh god I just love good sex ! ”  He pumped her a few dozen more times before Connie got on all fours and called him back over.   “My turn ! Come fuck me like this Steve ! ”  And that's how it went for the next twenty minutes or so, as the sisters playfully pulled him back and forth, 'forcing' him to fuck them in all sorts of different positions. At one point Steve was laying on the middle of the bed with the sisters taking turns bouncing up and down on his cock in the reverse cowgirl for as long as possible before the other pushed them off and took their place. All three were laughing and having a blast. Cheryl next mounted Steve and was riding his cock while making out with him. Connie grabbed the bottle of lubrication and announced to the room,   “Ok, it's time to step up this fuckfest to the next level.”  She squirted a generous amount onto her index and middle finger and knelt next to Cheryl and Steve. As Cheryl rode up and down on the boy's big dick Connie put her fingers up against her sister's pretty brown anus and slowly started to insert them. The sudden penetration of her bung caused Cheryl to stop riding Steve's cock.   “AHH ! Connie ! Oh shit… slowly… holy shit I can't believe you're doing this ! Go slow ! ”   “What's she doing, ”  asked Steve, who wasn't able to see what was happening.   “My sister's got her fingers up my ass ! She's greasing me up for your cock”  said Cheryl.   “Connie's fingering your ass ‽ That's so hot ! ”   “It's all for you kid, ”  said Connie as she steadily fucked her two fingers in and out of her sister's tight ass.   “Ready to fuck our assholes ? ”   “Fuck yeah, ”  he yelled. Connie pulled her fingers out and smacked her sister's ass,   “Get on all fours sis so Steve can bang this gorgeous ass.”  Cheryl climbed off of Steve and got on all fours. He got behind her and Connie grabbed his cock and slathered it up with lubricant and then guided it into her sister's rosebud. He very slowly sank it in.   “Ahhhhh Steve that's a big dick in my ass, ”  Cheryl cried out.   “Oh shit this is gonna be something all right.”  Steve slowly started to fuck the full length of his eight inches in and out of Cheryl's gorgeous asshole as she pressed her face into the pillow and moaned. Connie knelt behind him and pressed her body into his back and hugged him close while running her hands up and down his chest. She kissed his neck and whispered into his ear.   “Don't you dare cum until you've fucked my ass too. Got it ? ”   “Shit Connie I'm trying not too. You're not helping… ahhh… god… by rubbing your hot body up against me… oh shit… this feels so good.”  Connie loved torturing the poor kid and just squeezed him tighter as he fucked her sister's ass. Steve desperately tried to think of anything else. Anything other than two incredibly gorgeous MILF sisters currently sandwiching him, with his cock buried in one's ass while the other rubbed her tits against his back and mercilessly teased him. Thoughts of baseball stats and math lessons raced through his head as he somehow, miraculously managed to hold out for several minutes when Connie finally stopped teasing him and laid down on the bed on her back next to her sister. She spread her legs and pulled them very far back, and then reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread them apart, exposing her asshole. She then looked at him and said,   “Steve, it's my turn now. Get out of my sister's ass and get into mine.”  Steve pulled out of Cheryl's butt with a wet pop and crawled over to Connie. Cheryl sunk down on the bed and rolled to her side. Steve got between Connie's legs and slowly inserted his big prick into her ass. Once he was all the way in her Connie pulled him down and kissed him.   “Stevie baby. Give me a minute to get used to your beautiful cock, and then fuck my ass ok ? Fuck it really good baby.”  She then pulled his face back down to her and made out with him. After a few moments she then reached down to his hips and pulled on them, signaling to him that it was time to fuck her ass. While still kissing her Steve began to thrust in and out of her ass, causing her to moan into his mouth. Cheryl crawled over and laid down next to them and fondled Connie's breasts.   “Hey sis, remember what we used to do in order to drive our boyfriends nuts, ”  she said. Connie broke her kiss with Steve in order to respond.   “I sure do ! Should we, OH FUCK !… Steve that's good… keep fucking my ass baby !… Cheryl, should we take a stroll down memory lane… ahhh… ”   “I don't know sis. I'm afraid it will make poor Steve here explode, ”  said Cheryl as she leaned in and licked her sister's nipple.   “You're… you're sucking your sister's tits. This is so hot. Is that what you used to do ? Is it hotter than this, ”  asked Steve, who was on cloud nine as the sisters broke incestual taboos before his eyes.   “Our boyfriends in high school thought it was really hot. Let's do it Connie ! ”  Cheryl then leaned in and kissed Connie with an open mouth, and both sisters started to sensuously make out with each other. They loudly and exaggeratedly moaned into each other's mouths as if kissing each other was the most sexually exciting thing they had ever done. It was very wet kissing with lots of tongue and it worked. Steve was stunned and stopped pounding Connie's ass and just watched the two MILF sisters make out with each other.  »Oh my god this is so fucking fuck, " he said as he started to thrust again. Every time his dick pounded into Connie's ass she would grunt into her sister's mouth. It was all too much for Steve who started to shout.