Fordyce spots are small, red, and raise white bumps, that appear on the scrotum, labia, shaft of the penis, and also appear these white bumps on lips and lip line. Well, these spots are harmless and skin-friendly, but they are annoying and irritable.

Because unsightly appearances of the spots on skin or face can lose confidence. To know more about the Fordyce spots and how to treat them keep reading this blog.

What Are Fordyce Spots ?
These spots are also known as Fordyce glands or Fordyce granules, these are enlarged oil glands. It is a non-STI-dermatological condition that characterizes by the clusters of small spots or elevated bumps on the various parts of the body.

These white-yellowish spots usually appear on the lips, edges on the lips, inside in the cheeks. You can easily see these white dots on lips when stretched the skin. In males they can appear of the scrotum or penis, in females, they appear on their labia. It can affect both males and females and all ages.

Fordyce granules are harmless, painless, and do not cause any health-related issues, but it is only a cosmetic concern. According to the Clinical Case Reports and reviews that were published in 2015, 70 % to 80 % of adults are affected by this.

The oil gland that known as the sebaceous gland is usually connecting with the hair follicles, but these Fordyce spots appear on the skin where no hair is present. These spots usually scatter or isolate the bumps, but sometimes they occur together.

What Are The Symptoms Of Fordyce Spots ?
The Fordyce spots are pale and small bumps that tend about 1 to 13 millimeters in diameter, but larger. These spots are usually in flesh color or light- yellowish that appears in the shaft of the penis and scrotum in males.

It also appears on the lips and vermillion border and in female labia. The Fordyce spots are in reddish color if they develop on your genital area and if you stretch your skin then the sports are visible. These sports are unnoticeable, but in some cases they become unsightly.

Fordyce granules do not cause itchy, infection and pain, but sometimes spots of the penis may bleed during the intercourse. Some other dermatological conditions that are similar to the Fordyce spots are :

Milium cysts : these bumps are white, hard and round that develop on the face.
Sebaceous Hyperplasia : This condition causes soft and small bumps.
Basal cell carcinoma : It is a type of skin cancer that can cause red patch, bump or other growth.
Epidermoid Cysts : these are the small and hard lumps that form under the skin.
The Fordyce spots not cause infection and also not transfers person to person. But some men who are suffering from Fordyce spots may wonder, that they have sexually transmitte infection or cancer type bumps.

What Are The Causes Of Fordyce Spots ?
Fordyce spots are the natural part of the anatomy that present at birth. These spots are usually unnoticeable until puberty. According to some studies Fordyce spots are linked to hormonal changes and sometimes babies grow with the spot.

Fordyce spots are a type of oily gland that appears on an unusual location in the body. These are known as sebaceous glands. These spots are harmless and not cause any serious issues.

But according to some studies, these spots are linked to more serious health issues. The study that was published in 2013 had found that those who had an inherited form of colorectal cancer also had Fordyce spots in their mouth.